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Wisefab S14 - S15 “Odi Edition” V3 Nissan S-Chassis lock kit relocates the steering rack to the front of the subframe - allowing for better car control at medium to full-lock and preventing steering “bind” at max angle. Steering feel is more consistent throughout the entire sweep which allows for a more “usable” range of lock overall. Ackermann and bump-steer have also been revised for a more refined driving feel. The addition of a quick caster adjuster to the lower control arm also makes adjusting caster at the lower arm both quick and easy. The “Odi Edition” kit is truly the ultimate culmination of angle kit solution for the S-Chassis!

Want to know how does Wisefab Lock kit fits your driftcar check below the link CHECK FITMENT or here!

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Here is our recommended alignment parameters:
Toe in/out: If Ackermann is 0 or negative then toe is 2mm out. If Ackermann is positive then toe is 0
Camber: -4 +/-0,5
Caster: 3,5 ´+/-0,5

WISEFAB - S14 S15 Front Drift Angle Lock Kit - Front Rack

SKU: WF1401
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