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Mustang Foxbody Trunk (Outter Layer Only). This this a trunk skin only meant to be used with our Rear Clip Delete. It is meant to be flexible and very light. 


Dual Layer Duodirectional Fiber Glass combined with Single Layer Unidirectional Cotton weave mesh for the upmost flexibility that you can imagine.



OEM Width Rear Clip Delete


- Multi directional fiber mix.

- Multi composite material

- Light and flexible

- BDC Custom mixed resin

- Hand laid composite layering



Kit includes 1 pieces total:

- 1x Coupe Trunk



- Individually Hand Laid Product

- Multi Composite Product

- Direct Fitment 


Total weight 2lbs per side


(10LBS Total Shipping weight)


Mustang Foxbody - Trunk

SKU: 734581-Foxbody-Trunk
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