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Brushed Stainless Steel, Laser-cut Vanity Cover.


18-gauge stainless creates an excellent & radiant heat barrier. These vanity cover overhang down below to protect the valve cover gasket from top mount turbo manifold heat.


This cover was developed from the ground up to be the absolute best cover available on the market. Starting by 3d scanning the oem valve cover, our scanner has an accuracy of 0.02" With the 3d scan in hand, we developed a full valvecover model and then a heat shield that matches the oem look while having all the design features we wanted.


This part was then Laser cut on a world class fiber laser and CNC bent to match the oem valvecover exactly. This cover is made out of a brushed 18-gauge stainless which comes in a vinyl cover to protect the finish from handling, bending, and shipping. The cover features an overhang to protect the valvecover gasket from radiant heat of a top mount turbo, and radius corners cut to finish the look. This is the best available solution to protect your motor from the heat of your turbo. Comes with mounting hardware. 


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