E46 Coupe Widebody Overfender Kit.



+60mm wider over Non M Chassis width

+35mm wider over M Chassis width


Multi composite fiber mix.



Kit includes 12 pieces total

- 2x Front Overfenders (Upper section)

- 2x Front Bumper flare matcheing section (Front Lower Section)

- 2x Front Overfenders Pannel Flare Matching ( Rear Flower section)

- 2x Rear Overfenders (No Tail Light Bucket)

- 2x Rear Overfenders Flare Matching Section (Front Lower Section)

- 2x Rear Bumper Flare Matching Aprons (Rear Lower Section)

*** If you need Rear Overfenders with Tail Light Buckets, please reffer to Rear Quarter Panel Deletes.




E46 Coupe Overfenders (+60mm)

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