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 Big Duck Club BMW E39 Duck Tail Spoiler  -


Made from our same almost indestructibe material construction, we bring you the our E39 Add-on Duck tail spoiler. Spoiler can be added to any E39 trunk via rivets, ritnut/bolt, Bond Paneling gluing or 3M double sided tape.  We recommend rivnut and bolt setup. 


Kit includes 1 pieces total

1x E39 Duck Tail Spoiler



Chassis fitment:

BMW 5 Series 4 door sedan produced from 1995 to 2003  

520i (1995-2003)

523i ( 1995-2000)

525i (2000-2003)

528i (1995-2001)

530i (2000-2003)

535i (1996-2003)

540i (1995-2003)

M5 (1998-2003)


E39 DuckTail Spoiler

SKU: 77334-E39-Spoiler
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