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E36 Coupe Door Card Deletes (4 Piece) by Mkah Motorsports


Kit Includes:

- 2x Front Door Card Deletes

- 2x Rear Quater Pannel Card Deletes

- 2x Door Pulls (Various Colors Available)

- Mounting Harware

- Speaker Cutouts (As Option)


Matching front and rear quarter panels made onf one piece custom fit panel with an upper bend that covers the top portion of the door frame thus allowing for additional space for those internal door components.


The panels are designed to allow customers to retain fully functioning windows without any modification to the window mechanisms.  The panels are powder coated aluminum, have the popular door pull slots designed into them and weighing in at 2. lbs a piece - providing 16 lbs of weight savings over factory door panels.  


NOTE:  If the internal mechanisms are removed from the front doors of your E36 coupe you may want to consider the original E36 Door Card Delete Panels which are slightly lower in cost.


E36 Coupe Doorcard Delete (4 piece)

PriceFrom $410.00
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