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E36 Coupe Door Card Deletes (2 Piece) by Mkah Motorsports


Kit Includes:

- 2x Front Door Card Deletes

- 2x Door Pulls (Various Colors Available)

- Mounting Harware

- Speaker Cutouts (As Option)


If you track your E36 Coupe and you've gutted the doors interior, this is the panel you want! 

Light weight and fits tightly to the interior of the door.


These delete panels are the perfect solution to get rid of your door factory door cards.  This item is best used when the inter components have been removed.  However, the panels do allow customers to retain fully functioning windows without any modification to the window mechanisms.  If mechanisms are retained, the panel will have a slight bend. 


If you would rather a more custom fit for the internal mechanismsm, please see the E36 Doorcard Delete 4 piece kit


Both the driver and passenger panels are included.  Don't forget to select Door Pulls!


*Only fits E36 coupes*

E36 Coupe Door Card (2 Piece)

PriceFrom $315.00
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