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The original BMW Dual Caliper solution! This dual caliper bracket kit is the easiest and least intrusive way to install a true Formula Drift style secondary/dual rear caliper setup for hydraulic handbraking; aka making mad skids! Don’t use an in-line system which can lead to constantly changing brake bias and pedal feel. Use this for consistent and reliable sideways action!
Our brackets are designed by professional automotive engineers in the USA to be as strong as possible with no compromises, are manufactured in SLG own machine shop out of aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum, uae ARP hardware and are all shipped directly from our door to yours. 
With this kit you can install a hydraulic handbrake for epic drift entries, controlled slides in rallies and tight corners in autocross- all with just a few simple bolt on parts.

E82 135i models are designed for use with:

  • Wilwood GP320 calipers (LH Wilwood 120-10715 & RH 120-10715) 


All brackets feature the following:

  • Billet aerospace 6061 aluminum construction
  • Gold Anodizing
  • ARP Hardware for connection to trailing arm, and 12.9 hardware found in other locations
  • Allows for use of factory wheel speed/ABS sensors
  • Does not require the removal of axle, hub, or wheel bearing to install, unlike comparable products
  • Requires removal of dust shield and factory e-brake system




Install notes:

  • Remove caliper and rotor.
  • Remove factory e-brake shoes, mechanisms, and cables. May be necessary to cut cables and punch it out of the trailing arm from the backside.
  • Unbolt the dust shield and cut it, so you are able to bend it around the hub and remove it from the vehicle.
  • Clean the trailing arm to remove rust and uneven surfaces.
  • Bolt up the billet bracket to the trailing arm, using blue Loctite on the ARP hardware.
  • Install the 10mm allen head screw into the bracket from the backside of the trailing arm, through the factory e-brake cable hole.
  • Install brake rotor
  • Reinstall primary caliper in factory location, and install secondary caliper to the bracket.
  • Do mad skids!

BMW E82 135i - Dual Caliper Bracket Kit

SKU: 772448
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