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We have analyzed the BMW E36/E46/E90 chassis after years of data and designed some much needed high strength, long-lasting parts. 


The tierod upgrade uses only Chromoly, and 7075 aluminum to make up its construction. What does it do and why do you need it? 


What it does is gets rid of your OEM socket ball joint inner, and replaces it with a Chromoly adaptor that allows you to use a high strength rod end. These rod ends have an extremely long life, especially when used in an inner tierod application. The best part is when it does need to be replaced, it is only a $20 USD part. 


Why you might need these is because the additional load applied to the inner tierod vastly exceeds the designed load intended while drifting. This wears the socket out quickly, causing you to need replacements often and affects your alignment over time as they wear out.


Our design can be adapted to any angle kit, FDF, wisefab, SLR, and be used in conjunction to improve the handling and longevity of your angle kit and tierods. 


 the further explain the options available, please see the description below


Without outer Heim joint  - Choose this option for FDF or SLR kits


With outer Heim joints - Choose this option if you are adapting these tierods to a custom kit, or to wisefab. 


the outer tierod is a Left hand 5/8-18, and this joint can be adapted to any kit with a different set of spacers. if you have questions, send us and email and we will get right back to you! 



PriceFrom $279.00
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