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CNC machined end solid stainless 304 custom length shift linkage / DSSR 


We keep the E36 and E46 lengths for transmissions ZF320 & ZF420 selectors on hand at all times and we have a 5 day lead time on any DSSR for Getrag Transmission. If you have a custom length or bend requirement, please leave us a comment so we coudl assist you.


We pair high tolerance CNC ends with extremely high tolerance hardware to make the most precise shift possible. The total tolerance of the hardware is 0.0009" the ratio of the diameter. You will not find a higher tolerance shift linkage on the market, meaning you will not find a better shifting linkage on the market. The average weight of our stainless assembly is 12oz.


Chassis Availability: 




BMW DSSR Selector Rod

PriceFrom $110.00
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