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BDC E82 Widebody Kit & Aero Combo


Built with the same almost indestructible BDC Resin mix on Fiberglass material, we bring you one the most aggressive 1 series wide body kits in the market.


This kit brings you full front fender replacements as well as rear overfender panels, side skirts, front lip and duck tail spoiler..  This is the works!!! 



FRONT: +65mm over Non M front fenders

REAR: +55mm over Non M Chassis width


Multi composite fiber & resin mix.



Kit includes 12 pieces total

- 2x Front Fenders Replacements

- 2x Front Bumper Caps 

- 2x Rear Overfenders (No Tail Light Bucket)

- 2x Rear Bumper Caps 

- 2x Side Skirt Caps 

- 1X Front Lip

- 1X Rear Spoiler



*******DUE TO THE ABNORMAL SIZE OF THIS PRODUCT, THIS KIT WILL HAVE A $400 flat fee shipping charge to the continental US. 

*** If you need Rear Overfenders with Tail Light Buckets, please reffer to Rear Quarter Panel Deletes.



Chassis fitment 

BMW E82 1 series produced from 2004-2013 

116i (2004-2011)

118i (2005-2011)

120i (2004-2011)

125i (2007-2010)

128i (2008-2013)

130i (2005-2011)

135i (2007-2013)

1M (2011-2012) 

BDC E82 Wide Body & Aero Combo

SKU: 773007
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