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Built with the same almost indestructible BDC Resin mix on Fiberglass material, we bring you one the most aggressive 1 series wide body kits in the market.


This unit brings 1 duck tail spoiler specifically developed to create mild downforce without adding drag. For Drift purposes, this is the perfect desired effect as you want to gain grip while in motion but not drag while sideways.  We modified our original front angle so we could achieve that perfect effect. 

For grip or track racing, our duck bill spoiler will reduce drag as air passing over the rear end of the car is will be directed up and away from the chassis preventing the turbulance that causes drag.  It is important to know that a Duck Bill Spoiler will have less downforce than a stand up wing however it it will be faster in a straight line. 


with specs:
HEIGHT: 6.5" 

FRONT Angle: 18*

REAR Angle: 78*


Multi composite fiber & resin mix.



- 1x Rear Duck Bill Spoiler



Chassis fitment

BMW E82 1 series produced from 2004-2013

116i (2004-2011)

118i (2005-2011)

120i (2004-2011)

125i (2007-2010)

128i (2008-2013)

130i (2005-2011)

135i (2007-2013)

1M (2011-2012)


BDC E82 Duck Tail Spoiler

SKU: 773005-E82DTS
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