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E46 Sedan Widebody Overfender Kit.


Specs: 2 to choose from

1. 30mm rear

2. 60mm rear


Multi composite fiber mix.



Kit includes 8 pieces total

- 2x Rear Overfenders (No Tail Light Bucket)

- 2x Rear Overfenders Flare Matching Section (Front Lower Section)

- 2x Rear Bumper Flare Matching Aprons (Rear Lower Section)

- 2x Rear door covers




Chassis fitment 

BMW E46 4 door sedan produced from 1998-2006

316i (1999-2005)

318i (1998-2006) 

320i (1998-2006)

323i (1998-2000)

325i (2001-2006)

328i (1998-2000)

330i (2000-2006)

M3 (2000-2006)


BMW E46 Sedan Rear Overfenders

SKU: 707733-E46S-R
PriceFrom $740.00
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