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The Mantis Kit for the BMW is the most relevant angle kit in today's drift society, and here's why:


-Angle, 65-70 degrees depending on wheel size and arm length

-Ackerman, zero Ackerman aka parallel 

-Roll Center, optimized handling by adding 30mm of roll center correction

-Bump steer, minimal bump steer in drift by perfecting tierod pitch angle

-Castor, factory caster can be changed using both the arm and the additional caster plates for better steering return

-Camber, optimized camber ranging from -3 to -6

-Track Width, 50-75mm wider per side creating a stable and high clearance front end

-Suspension Travel, long travel range, full lock to full lock at any point throughout  suspension travel for increased grip 

-Joints, Chromoly Heim joints, and spherical bearings

compact drop knuckle design makes for a lighter and stronger design, 7075 aluminum used where possible which provides steel like strength at 40% weight reduction. 

For custom colors, email your order number and the color wanted

Please allow 2-3weeks of fabrication before the item is sent.


PriceFrom $1,115.00
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