The WKND RACING steering kit is the newest angle kit on the market for the BMW Chassis.


Specifically developed for drifting, this kit provides up to 69* degrees of angle with steady angle control due to its multiple adjustablity points. 


The kit features:

- Fully integrated bump stops

- Double sheer knuckles

- Adjustable Camber/Caster plates

- Adjustable Lollipops



**Caster adjustment can be done through the adjustment of the arms, lollipops and top hats.

***This kit will require the need of flares, overfenders or pulling factory fenders due to its track width. Due to the doble sheer knuckle we suggest to use 18" wheels. Most 17" wheels will fit as well. 



***Will require rolling and pulling factory fenders or replacing with wider fenders, These parts are sold for off road use only. Will fit 18" wheels and most 17".

E36 WKND Wide Angle Kit


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